Job Interview Questions 5

Job Interview Questions – part 5

Here are some Job Interview Practice questions each followed by Key vocabulary.

Job Interview Questions and Useful Vocabulary



What is your medium to long-term career objective?

What sort of job do you see yourself holding five years from now?

What makes you confident that you will succeed in such a role/job?

What might make you leave this position?

What do you think you need to develop, in terms of skill and knowledge, to be ready for this (future opportunity)?

a career plan, to reach a career goal, a step-by-step plan of action
This goal will be achieved by…
short term, medium term, long term
stepping-stone goals = goals that can/will help you to reach your ultimate career goal (realistic stages which allows for adjustments too)
my ultimate goal
to achieve this by effort
to set, to reach, to achieve

a target, an aim, a vision



Your Checklist: Don’t forget to carry on working on the following points:

  • Write your CV
  • Write your Cover Letter
  • Personalise your Letter of Application
  • Prepare for the interview (Job Interview Questions)
  • Learn Key Vocabulary
  • Prepare your LinkedIn profile
  • Make sure your Social Media accounts’ privacy settings are set appropriately


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