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Try our Spanish courses to have a wonderful experience.
Learn Spanish with highly qualified teachers. The education material is included in the price.
Learn with out 1 to 1, 2 to 1 or 3 to 1 courses. As we have a flexible schedule, you can come and start whenever you want.


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We help you find accommodation in Spain: a host family, a shared apartment or individual accommodation what ever your needs and whatever your budget.

Gas, water and electricity expenses are included in the price, for both cases. However, if you want to stay at a student residence, we can assist you on which one is the nearest to our school. However, we must remind you, that if you’re under legal age, you must stay with a host family.

The main difference? The personal experience you wish to have. If you’re looking for direct customs and culture, and practice the language daily, staying with a host family is your best option. In fact, breakfast services don’t come with the accommodations we offer, since we think it’s important to share, at least, one meal with the host family and spend some time practicing the language or exchanging your views with them.


We have worked for many years with these host families, and they have our complete trust. We assure you that you’ll feel comfortable and at home, since the Spanish culture is very warm and friendly. Also, these families are open and hospitable, but don’t expect them to speak English, because most of them don’t!

On the other side, the experience of sharing an apartment with students or Spanish speakers will help your Spanish. 

From experience, we can say that students usually build good relations with their roommates, probably developing a long-lasting friendship. This usually happens when there’s a long-term stay. 

The difference between the Comfort and Standard apartments is the number of people sharing the bathroom. In Comfort apartments, there are no more than 2 people, whereas in Standard apartments there are 3 or 4. In some cases, the second apartments are older, and the kitchen and the bathroom show signs of usage. However, these apartments are closer to the schools, so it’s more likely that you’ll save up the transportation money.

To sum up, the Standard housing is a great option for your stay in Spain if you’re on a budget. But, if you want a more comfortable living accommodation, the Comfort apartments are a better option.

If you’re planning to stay for a long-term in Spain, another good option is dividing your time between both options: live with a host family while you’re still leaning the basics of Spanish and then move to an apartment when you have a higher level. In addition, if you wish to continue with the type of accommodation you had formerly chosen, there wouldn’t be any problem.

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Idiomas 247

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