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Speaking section – toefl speaking examples 6

let’s talk about the sixth question of the toefl speaking examples this is the last question on the speaking section so let’s finish in style.
This question has two parts, first we will hear a recording which will normally be a part of a lecture about an academic topic. Secondly we are then asked a question about the lecture and have 60 seconds to answer it. The question is pretty simple as we don’t need to read anything or
adopt a position, we just listen carefully to a lecturer take notes and then explain what has been said so this is a great chance to really focus on speaking English in order to do that we will need to be prepared.
This lesson will explain how to be prepared to answer that question let’s begin with the listening to the lecture which is normally a couple of minutes long and will contain a lot of information. The questioner is going to ask you questions about that that information, so to help us remember it, we take notes. That’s the most important tip for this question, you should take as many notes as you can the more notes we have the more prepared we will be to answer the question.
So let’s discuss the question that will be asked for example, let’s say that the lecture was about the natural defenses of plants and gave a couple of examples of how plants defend themselves against predators.
Everyone knows that some plants are poisonous but what constitutes a poison to one organism may very well be an inert compound to another.  Birds for example are unfazed by a ratio the toxic oil produced by poison ivy and in fact seem to love the berries produced by the plants. Monarch, butterfly, caterpillars chomp on milkweed and sequester the glycosides produced by the plant in their own tissues making them poisonous to predators. Of course humans have turned all manner of plant poisons to their own devious ends, from the chrysanthemum derived
pyrethrins used as insecticides to the castor bean derived ricin which Walter White of Breaking Bad attempted to use to eliminate his enemies on several occasions and which was successfully used in the 1978 assassination of a bro garyun writer.
Chemical signaling plants that are attacked by browsers or insect pests or subjected to stressful conditions such as drought or microbial infection may warn other plants of the impending crises by releasing volatile organic compounds VOCs which precipitate physiological reactions in nearby plants.
They may increase concentrations of
toxic compounds to ward off the enemy or
they may release compounds of their own
that attract the enemies predators
some recent experiments have shown that
plants also communicate through
chemicals released by their roots and
even via networks of fungal symbionts
using examples from the lecture describe
two kinds of natural defenses that
plants use that’s all we don’t need to
think of any new ideas about plants or
anything like that
we just need to explain what was said in
the lecture if we took good notes we
should be ready to do just that now all
we have to do is provide some structure
in our response
the best way to do that is in three
parts in the first part describe the
main topic or idea of the lecture in the
second part give an example poison and
finally in the third part give another
example chemical signaling using the
example from the lecture describing two
kinds of natural offenses that plants
use let’s say that the lecture finds
natural defenses and then explains how
they are used by plants then the first
part of your answer could explain what
natural defenses are the second part
could talk about the natural defenses
using poison last part talk about the
natural defences of plants using
chemical signaling it doesn’t need to be
any more complicated than that
but do you remember to use your time
wisely you have only 60 seconds to give
your response the simplest thing to do
is just divide it up into three spend 20
seconds on each of the three parts of
your response
try using this template question six
academic lecture the lecture is about
the professor illustrates this concept
using two main examples first she talks
about she says that secondly she speaks
about in her opinion try that at home
using a timer to get familiar with
exactly how long 60 seconds lasts you
want to be sure to finish your response
in time if you finished too quickly
that’s okay
you can just add a brief conclusion to
your answer so to sum up an order that
the speaking question in task 6 is
answered correctly we want to be sure to
take good notes from the recording once
we’ve done this we should use our notes
to give a three part response spending
about 20 seconds on each part if you
feel you are not able to perfect the
summary of the lecture don’t attach too
much importance remember the point of
this test is to evaluate your ability to
speak English so your main goal should
be to speak English as best as you can
if you do that and follow our advice
here you can get a great score on the
speaking section but remember the best
way to prepare for the TOEFL
is to watch our videos over and over
again and practice listen to the lecture
and write down a three-part response

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